Participant Services

As part of our service we provide full participant support including web and mobile access, voice response unit and we take live participant calls within the plan service team. These services cover everything from balance inquiries to loans and hardship withdrawals to final distributions.

Phone Access

We provide telephone access to the plan via voice response unit and live support. The team providing live phone support is also the team responsible for plan operations and recordkeeping so they are deeply knowledgeable about the details of the plan and the client.

Web & Mobile Access

We will provide a customized website with full inquiry and transaction capability for all plan participants. We can also incorporate a retirement projection and modeling component with this web tool. The plan administrator will have plan and participant level access for inquiries, transactions and reporting.

Retirement Modeling/Investment Advice

We have integrated personal retirement modality capability with Newkirk’s AdvicePlus! tool. This system pre-populates with participant plan and demographic information and leads the participant through a retirement modeling session and provides fund-specific advice for plan participants. When a participant completes a session and accepts the recommendation, the investment election and deferral changes are triggered in our system.

Inquiries, Transactions, Distributions

The systems above enable participant access to the plan for all types in inquiries, transactions and distributions. This includes balance inquiries, investment election changes, contribution changes, loan modeling and requests, hardship withdrawals and termination distributions.

Quarterly Statements

We will work with the client to design the quarterly statements. We are responsible for printing and mailing the quarterly participant statements.

Annual Notices

We are responsible for sending any required annual notices to plan participants. We will provide tax documentation for all distributions.

Beneficiary Elections

We will collect and maintain beneficiary elections for all plan participants.