Our Team Approach


Each client is assigned to a small team that will provide all required services. This team is made up of professionals that are proficient in all aspects of plan administration and knowledgeable about each client assigned to the team. The team will perform all points of service to those clients. This gives our clients a point of contact who can answer all questions in regards to the relationship rather than a point of contact that can merely chase down answers from other areas that are not allowed to speak directly with clients. We do not subscribe to the traditional administration team approach where one group runs payrolls, one group handles distributions, etc., which turns the team into more functional utilities rather than a true team dedicated to the service of specific clients. While the traditional team may be more internally efficient in the short term, the erosion of quality that inevitably arises from this structure causes us to avoid this approach completely.

We think it is important to note that the Principals of NWPS are very involved in the day-to-day servicing of our clients. We expect that our clients will know who we are and will know that they are always free to call us and give us feedback on our services. Each Team Leader reports directly to one of the Principals of the firm and their performance is monitored via weekly meetings with a firm Principal. These meetings include a briefing of the status of each account and progress toward goals and objectives.

Of course our teams are supported with robust, proven process and systems.



Plan Provisions

We will review your current plan provisions from three key dimensions. First, are the plan provisions up to date and in compliance with applicable regulations. Second, is the plan being administered in compliance with the plan provisions. Third, is there anything you should change to improve the overall plan.

Data Feeds


Participant Service



Daily Trades




Plan Configuration

Using SunGard’s Omni & Relius software systems, we have seen virtually all kinds of plan provisions, so we are rarely customizing the software at the client level. Instead we are configuring elements of the software to accommodate the details of any given plan.

Plan Customization

Data Exchange

Trust Exchange

Participant Access

Plan Sponsor Access

Backup & Security