Defined Benefit Plan Services

We maintain deep expertise in defined benefit plan actuarial and administrative services because many of our clients need it. We have the the right combination of core technology and people to maintain all required data and provide high-quality participant services for your DB plan. Additionally, we have the deep experience to help us guide our clients in mapping DB strategy over time to achieve their goals.

General Consulting and Plan Design:

We assist employers with plan issues, and provide specific recommendations based upon the objectives of each organization.

Actuarial Valuations and Certification:

Complete, comprehensive reporting of the valuation results, including funded status, ranges of permitted contributions, assessment of assets/liabilities, etc.

Financial Accounting Disclosures:

We calculate and determine the pension expense and plan disclosures to be reported on the plan sponsor’s financial statements.

Preparation of Required Government Filings:

We will complete the required annual filings and actuarial certifications for the plan. This includes:

  • Summary Annual Report
  • Annual funding notice
  • Form 5500 and required schedules
  • Schedule SB actuarial certification
  • PBGC annual premium filing


Benefit Calculations:

We calculate and certify the amount of benefits due to participants and beneficiaries.

Participant Services:

We provide a full range of participant services including benefit statements, calculation estimates, web, mobile and call center access to the plan. For more on our Participant Services Click Here

Asset & Liability Assessments and Cost Projections:

We provide the calculations to measure and forecast emerging changes in the financial status of a retirement plan.

Special Projects:

We work closely with clients on de-risking, small balance distribution and other special projects from conception through financial modeling and execution.